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“Take Charge of Your Inner Money Life”

“Take Charge of Your Inner Money Life”

About the Free eBook This 22-page ebook was compiled as a result of direct requests from readers and clients who wanted to better understand the approach of using...

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Money Problems and the Best Way to Fix Them

Money Problems and the Best Way to Fix Them

by Emily Bouchard Lack of funds is the number one reason why couples go without the help they seek. And the cost to their relationship can be devastating! In an effort...

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Purposeful Prenups

Purposeful Prenups

Beginners Guide to Purposeful Prenups: Three Essential Elements for a Successful Prenup Conversation Prenups and prenup conversations can be intense and emotionally...

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What They Say About Emily Bouchard

“Her ‘Eight Common Money Archetypes’ gives us
tools to recongize human characteristics and
methods to counsel and help successful families.”

“Emily has a unique ability
to immediately connect with you
on a very deep, human level.”

“Emily’s interactive approach combined
with her deep knowledge of family dynamics
was exactly what our advisers needed.”

“Emily’s presentation on
‘Healthy Relationships with Money & Family’
was engaging and entertaining….”

“I truly enjoy your email advice
and actual email it
to four of my friends!”

“The class… provided a safe place for all to meet and share humanizing aspects of life.
Keep the classes going!”

“You’re a good listener & your ideas were terrific!
You approach things positively and I like that!
Thank you for your gift.”

“I thoroughly enjoy your letters and think
that you are doing a great service.
Keep up the great work!”

“This is great information!
Thanks for giving us
a new perspective.”

“Emily is a personal coach extraordinaire.
I was immediately struck by her insight and skills,
and she’s proven to be an immense help to me.”


“You are an amazing and precious gift.
Thank you.”


“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I feel challenged and called
to a higher level of understanding of myself.”

“Emily! You are wonderful! Thanks for being you.
It was so wonderful to have the opportunity
to be blessed by your presence last week.”

“We need your newsletters more than ever
as we struggle to create harmony
within our family”

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