Conflict in Adult Stepfamilies Resolved!

Conflict in Adult Stepfamilies Resolved!

adult-stepfamily-conflictNew Special Recording & Transcript Reveals the Secret of overcoming the issues of money, expectations and relationships in your adult stepfamily.

Congratulations for choosing to take steps to win the battle against Conflict in Adult Stepfamilies!

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“Overcoming Step Wars – Blending Your Adult Stepfamily” recording & transcript
  • This audio recording is practical, edifying, and packed with great information!
  • When you listen to this recording (or read the transcript), you will learn how to be proactive in dealing the conflicts in your adult stepfamily.
  • With the wisdom Dr. Grace Gabe and Prof. Jean Lipman-Blumen gives, you can lower expectations and be emphatic with every member of your adult step family.
  • When you practice the insights from this recording, you are on the road to minimizing conflict, and bringing more peace, harmony and love back into your home.
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– Kimberly S.

“Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! You gave me a lot to think about. I feel challenged and called to a higher level of understanding of myself, I greatly appreciate that.”

– Keleigh


adult-stepfamily-conflictSo, if you want to turn conflict in adult stepfamilies into overcoming the issues of money, expectations and relationships in your adult stepfamily, and create the mutually beneficial inheritance terms and acceptance of individual differences, start now.

Learn the time-tested, strategies that other families have already proven to be enormously successful.

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