Purposeful Prenups

Beginners Guide to Purposeful Prenups: Three Essential Elements for a Successful Prenup Conversation

Beginners Guide to Purposeful Prenups

Prenups and prenup conversations can be intense and emotionally charged and for these reasons have gained a bad reputation.Reading this e-book will help you begin to understand what impacts our ability to talk about money openly, and will give you some approaches to use right away as you begin to discuss your prenup. We wrote this e-book not from a legal perspective, but rather, a relational one. While we do provide guidance in the legal department, the focus of this e-book is primarily on how to keep your relationship strong as you cross the prenup bridge.

Watch now to learn how a Prenup can strengthen your relationship and build trust in your marriage!

In this conversation, Erik Newton — former family law attorney and current publisher and producer of Together Magazine and Podcast –  and Blended-Families.com founder Emily Bouchard discuss:

  • What would have a family lawyer be passionate about prenups
  • How to shift from the traditional, adversarial approach to prenups to a more positive and relationship-affirming approach
  • How a prenup empowers you as a couple when the unexpected happens
  • How to use your prenup to really know who you are marrying

For more information, read Erik’s Huffington Post article on How to Strengthen your Marriage with a Prenup

And, even if you never intend to marry, OR if you are already married, you can still have legal agreements that cover the same concerns that a prenup does!