“Take Charge of Your Inner Money Life”

About the Free eBook

This 22-page ebook was compiled as a result of direct requests from readers and
clients who wanted to better understand the approach of using “Money Types” when it comes to financial decisions in their blended families. These clients were reaching for answers – they knew that how they were approaching money, and conversations about money, was not as effective or as enjoyable as they would like. They were seeking ways to shift old, familiar patterns and discover new ways of moving with their money towards leading more fulfilling, richer lives.

What this ebook includes:

1. An overview excerpt about Money Types from Chapter Two of Estate
Planning for the Blended Family by Paul Hood and Emily Bouchard.
2. A simple step by step assessment that gives you an indication of the
predominant Money Types that are showing up most frequently for you at
this time when it comes to money.
3. A brief description of each of the Money Types.
4. A detailed chart giving characteristics, fears/motivations and key healing
for each of the money types.
5. An overview of the Money Coaching Core Process for Couples
6. Three supplemental articles about how to apply Money Types to real life

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