Emily Bouchard

Emily Bouchard is committed to stopping families from becoming part of the 70% who are torn apart at the time an estate transfers. She is a family, wealth, and money coach, the former managing partner at Wealth Legacy Group, and a family dynamics consultant as part of a national team at a multi family office. She has specialized in the emotional impact of wealth in people’s lives.

She has been working with high net worth families since 2004 with a specialty in blended family issues and has facilitated over 150 family meetings. In 2015, Emily joined the faculty of the Exit Planning Institute as their “family transitions” specialists. She works collaboratively with families and their advisers to support family members through some of the most challenging decisions and life events they will ever face.

Along with coaching individuals, couples, and families, she consults with and trains advisers on how to respond effectively to their clients’ emotional needs related to financial and estate planning. She co-authored with L. Paul Hood, Jr. Estate Planning for the Blended Family, and is the co-creator, with Emily Chase Smith, Esq., of the Purposeful Prenups Process, and co-author of Beginners Guide to Purposeful Prenups.

Her passion, insight and systemic understanding of family dynamics — combined with her ease of connecting and joyful presence – make her presentations engaging, dynamic, and full of heart for blended families, affluent couples, and advisers who truly want to make a difference in the lives of their clients.

Emily earned a B.A. with honors in Child Development from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Wanting to better understand the repeated dynamics she witnessed again and again in families, she became certified as a Money Coach for individuals, couples and businesses in 2008 through the Money Coaching Institute.