Blended Families Seminars

…for Creating Success at Home

Our Current Seminar Offerings

How to Win the Homework Battle:

Fun and Interactive workshop where participants discover their unique learning styles. The results are more harmony and less frustration for everyone in the home! Using the Kaleidoscope ProfileTM from Performance Learning Systems, participants discover whether they are kinesthetic, auditory, or visual learners; whether they are concrete or abstract thinkers, and whether they are more global or sequential in how they perceive the world. In a short period of time you get a wealth of information about every member of your family (ages 9 and up).

How to Defuse Emotional Landmines:

Tired of walking on eggshells? Wanting more peace and less conflict? Applying the principles of Loving Communication(c) in your family will dramatically decrease stress around strong emotions and increase your overall satisfaction in your family interactions. In this Workshop you will learn how to listen in a way that shows you care and gets you right to the heart of the matter. See the powerful, and disarming effect these techniques have in reversing old patterns and creating more harmony.

How to Turn Pain into Peace:

Discover freedom from pain and empowerment for change when you explore your judgments and untangle old patterns. This workshop is based on the principles of Byron Katie’s “The Work”, as described in her book: Loving What Is. These tried and true methods are simple yet profound, and bring immediate relief and a sense of possibility in situations that previously seemed hopeless!

How to Bring Fun Back into Your Family:

New, Creative, and Affordable ways to connect as a family and as a couple. Play with all the possibilities! This workshop invites all the participants to rekindle their imaginations and access the original joy that brought them together as a family in the first place.

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