Marriage Coaching

Marriage Coaching Can Save Yours


Why Blended Families Need Marriage Coaching:

marriage coaching by phoneDid you know that 2 out of 3 second marriages fail?!
The reason so many partners in second marriages feel frustrated and begin looking for help (or a way out!) is because no one is taught how to effectively blend a family. People who marry again, and people who marry someone who is divorced, are often not prepared for:

  • The role that the “ex” plays in the family even though they are not living there anymore;
  • The pain and grief associated with the loss of the first marriage and family system;
  • The ways in which children act out and express their emotions related to their losses and the new decisions that have been imposed onto them;
  • The power of guilt as a motivator on the part of the parent who chose to initiate the divorce; or
  • The beliefs and old patterns from the past that get in the way of greater connection and intimacy in the present.

Hiring a coach will give you the tools and strategies you need to effectively deal with all the “baggage” that comes with a stepparenting situation. And the result is that you will experience a dramatic improvement in all the relationships in your blended family!

What Coaching Looks Like:

Coaching occurs over the phone at a scheduled time and usually lasts for 45 minutes. You call in at the prearranged time and the coach is ready and waiting for your call. You show up prepared to share openly and honestly, and the coach shows up prepared to meet you where you are in the moment, and to support you in reaching your specific goals for your family. In fact, click here to see some marriage coaching sample concepts.

Listen to a sample coaching call:

(This was not an actual coaching call, but you get the idea from it)

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