Blended Family Keynote Speeches

Keynote/Break-Out/Workshop Presentations:

  • Recipe for How to Blend a Family
  • How to Listen Effectively
  • Touch is not a Four Letter Word: How to Bring Healthy Touch Back into Your Family
  • Tumultuous Teens: How to Live with Them and Love Them Through Those Challenging Years.
  • How to Have Peace No Matter What
  • How to Overcome Your Internal Obstacles
  • The Seven Secrets for Making a Relationship Work

Emily Bouchard is an engaging speaker, author, and master coach. Her facilitation allows participants to resolve conflicts and form meaningful and enduring connections – with themselves internally, with their beloved partner, with their families, and in their professional interactions. Fueled by her compassion and commitment, her presentations are not only information packed, but interactive, practical, and impactful.

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