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Being a stepmom is one of the most complex, challenging jobs a woman can take on. And what makes it more complicated is the mass of conflicting information, from both experts and well meaning family and friends, about how to make it work for her, her relationship with her partner, and for the kids. If only a smart, intuitive, experienced stepmom could share her insight and resources, how much easier would it be for all the other stepmoms out there?

Your prayers have been answered because now there is a new on-line magazine dedicated to StepMoms and the issues and challenges they face. StepMom Magazine was started by veteran stepmom, Brenda Ockun, in 2008 and designed as an on-line support group forum, using her lived experience that started off with frustration and lack of confidence because she simply couldn't find information, support or advice to help her be the best stepmom she aspired to be.

But her frustrating search for resources and insight is your gain because she knows what stepmoms need to know and this magazine provides the information and resources she wished she's had when she was a new stepmom.

StepMom Magazine covers a wide range of relevant topics in monthly articles on parenting, in-laws, marital issues, the ex factor, and important legal and financial issues. There's also a resource section, an opinion page, book reviews and a Blog that is an exclusive support group where you can ask any question, share experiences and solutions, and celebrate successes. The sensitivity and affirmation of StepMoms is evident throughout the magazine and exemplified by the distinctive logo that features StepMom as one word with an angled O. This symbolizes strength and unity and the angled O speaks to the fact that stepmoms are different, but meaningful and important too.

Brenda describes StepMom Magazine as "a place where women can find honest, intelligent and inspiring information about" being a stepmom.

This magazine is jam packed with useful information, resources, contacts and a fabulous forum for connecting and checking in for support and affirmation from intelligent, sensitive women who share the same experience. New insight and a fresh perspective can make all the difference between a frustrating, selfless experience and one that is fulfilling, manageable and happy for everyone.

Check it out; new stepmoms, veterans and anyone else who is involved with a stepmom. Everyone will enjoy it, learn something, and feel part of an important and vibrant community.

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